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Sponsor a Link for Charity

The Internet is the most powerful marketing tool at your disposal, but is your business being seen by the right people? Are you getting the level of exposure and the number of hits you want, or do you think there’s more out there? Homepage.ie is the answer to getting far more visitors to your site.

It is the first website of its kind. Not only will it generate an increased number of visitors to your site but, as a bonus, you will also be helping your local community.

Our aim is to improve both the amount and quality of the traffic that reaches your site, thus increasing the number of enquiries and your turnover.

In addition, the site has been set up in such a way that, whilst your own business will benefit from using it, Irish charities which are not able to be totally self-supporting will also benefit from your participation as all profits generated from Homepage.ie will de distributed to charity.

Homepage.ie will give all profits made from the site to Irish charities. These will change every six months. In this way many different charities will benefit from the advertisement you place with Homepage.ie.

Homepage.ie has not been set up for commercial benefit but purely to benefit Irish charities.

All profits made through site advertising and link placing are for Irish charities.

If you would like to sponsor a link please send us an e-mail with your contact details and URL so that we can approve your placement. After your link has been approved we will get in touch with you for further information.

Donation list:

Link on homepage € 50 per month
Link on sub page € 25 per month
Banner on all pages € 250 per 14 days

Sponsored links will be placed and paid for until the 1st of July, after this period you will be contacted for your interest in the next period, 1st July – 1st January.

Banners can only be placed for 14 days at a time. You may place two or three different banners if you wish to advertise for more than 14 days.