We have had great difficulty in deciding how to choose a charity, we have spoken to many charities and we have even run a poll on the site. We have received many emails with questions about some great charities but we have been overwhelmed with questions about children’s charities. This fact has lead us to the following:

We are delighted to announce that The Irish Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Children is the charity we have chosen to support.

The ISPCC is Ireland’s oldest and best-known children’s charity. They have a long, proud history of helping and supporting children. believe that the ISPCC is playing a vital role in ensuring that Ireland becomes a society that truly values children and refuses to tolerate cruelty to children in any form.

Recently they launched a new five-year strategy ‘Citizen Child’. This strategy will focus the ISPCC on their efforts to make Ireland a place where all children are loved, valued and able to fulfil their potential.

The ISPCC now runs four key services which will ensure that all children including the most vulnerable of children who look for help from them, will receive it.

Childline – The 24-hour freephone listening service for children. In 2004 the service answered 179,000 calls.

Leanbh – Works with children begging on the streets as well as supporting children from ethnic minorities adjust to life in Ireland

4me! – Provides a mentoring and counselling service to children at risk of misusing drugs and alcohol.

Childfocus – A home based service, working with vulnerable children experiencing behavioural or emotional difficulties that aims to build their psychological resilience.

The great thing from our perspective and where the real ‘fit’ between and the ISPCC is, is that they are going to use technology more and more to help young people to access their services.

They will introduce web based counselling initiatives as well as offering support through text messaging to children wishing to use their services.

We are very excited about supporting this wonderful organisation and we would like you to do the same.
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By advertising on you will be supporting different charities in Ireland, many of whom desperately need funds in order to carry on their work; without money coming in, they will simply cease to exist.

If you are a charity looking for financial help send us an e-mail with your details. We would like to know what your charity does, how it is managed and how any funding received from will benefit the community.