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When we give information to sponsors, it is in the form of grouped statistics based on the number of visitors this site has. The information typically includes the total number of visits, where they come from, and what do they on the site. We will never in any way sell or release any personal information we may have about our visitors.

Terms and conditions

Make your own Homepage

Everyone is allowed to make his or her own homepage free of charge.

Homepage Limited will supply the template for creating the personal homepage.

Each homepage will have a unique name and URL. It is not possible for two or more pages to be created which have identical names or URLs.

URLs will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Any person who has a URL registered in their name (the Webmaster) is fully and solely responsible for the content of that particular site. Homepage Limited does not allow Webmasters to create links to sites which contain sexual, discriminating or violent material. Homepage Limited will also not permit webmasters to show such material on their own sites.

A Webmaster is allowed to generate revenue through permitting advertising on his or her site.

URLs cannot be sold or transferred to other parties without prior written consent from Homepage Limited.

A Webmaster is not the owner of a URL but is purely an administrator. Homepage Limited therefore reserves the right to change anything on the templates in use by the Webmasters. All ownership rights remain with Homepage Limited; all administrator rights remain with the Webmaster.

Homepage Limited reserves the right to delete or refuse any Webmaster or URL without prior notice and with no explanation.

Homepage Limited does not allow any material that can be offensive to others and will remove any site that does not follow these guidelines without any explanation.

If you are not sure about a certain name or about certain links then get in touch with us first.


If and when Homepage runs competitions in any way or form there will be no corresponding about the results. Prizewinners will be mentioned on the site but only with their first name and not with their surnames. A person may only enter the competition once every 24 hours to be eligible for the prize that is to be given. If Homepage suspects any form of fraud then the prizewinner shall not receive his/her prize and will not be eligible for any other prizes. Homepage will always have the right to change or remove any details involving a competition on the site without prior announcement.
There shall be no general rights for any person who participates in any of the competitions that Homepage.ie offers. If a prize that has been given away by Homepage does not function correctly then Homepage will not be liable in any shape of form and will not intermediate for the prizewinner or supplier.